Yes, you Can Wear Red Lipstick and Here's Why you Should

There's no makeup look as classic or as iconic as the red lip. Favoured for decades by glamorous starlets, screen sirens and stylish women, this is a bold and empowering makeup look that everyone should try.

Plenty of women shy away from bold lips for a multitude of reasons, from not knowing what shade suits their skin tone, to whether or not it can make their teeth look yellow (eeek!) to worrying if they can pull it off. We're here to dispel the myths and point you in the right direction with our top red lip tips!

Think about the lighting

Will you be indoors at an event or outside at a wedding? Believe it or not but lighting can actually play a huge part in helping you choose your lipstick. If you know you'll be outside or most of the time then opt for a softer shade of red or something more sheer like a lip tint. Rock a bold red in the evening to make your features pop more.

Benefit Benetint £25.50

It's either eyes or lips

So you've decided to wear a strong red lip on your next night out, but how do you complete the rest of your makeup look? When it comes to bold colours or dramatic looks, it's either lips or eyes so choose which feature to play up. Go for simple eye makeup in a neutral shade with your red lip. A slick of mascara and a skin hued eye shadow will perfectly complement your red lip.

MAC Red Rock £16.50

Get the liner right

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn't line your lips with a red lip liner. I know! It's so confusing! It's better to find a lip liner in a shade as close to your natural lip colour as you can find. This will give you a cleaner look and will avoid a two tone finish as it's unlikely you'll find a liner bang on the exact same colour as your lipstick.

Rimmel 100 Kisses Spiced Nude £2.99

Make it sharp

After you've finished your liner and lipstick, you're almost ready to rock. Make sure your red lip is as precise as possible and avoid the dreaded bleed! Go around the edge of your handiwork with some concealer to really define the lip and make it super sharp. If you're worried about thin lips, don't go for a deep red as this can make small lips look more narrow.

YSL Touche Eclat £25

Know your tones

Red lipsticks with a blue undertone are the best for making teeth look whiter. If you're not that confident about your smile, make sure you go for cooler reds and stay away from anything that has an orange hue that will only amplify any yellow. Don't worry if you've taken the plunge and bought the wrong shade, adding a dab of gloss in a pink over your lipstick will add those cooler tones and make it wearable again. Make any red softer and more subtle with a golden gloss on top.

Inglot Sleek Lip Gloss

Now, go forth and pout!