Pastel Hair Rocks Coachella

Coachella Post.

Leanne Gannon

The web has been FULL of chatter about one of the world’s most Instagrammable festivals, Coachella. From bitchin’ about what bloggers wore to the amount of time they spend taking pics to the looks everyone was loving, it seems the actual MUSIC once again takes a back seat. Except of course for Ariana Grande, snaps of her are all over Instagram at the mo. Whether you love the lashings of fashion and inspo posts or kinda can’t stand them, you can’t deny watching it all go down online is hella interesting.

A festival full of the beautiful and most stylish peeps to grace social media and the grassy fields of Palm Springs, this year colour ruled over Coachella. Previous years have seen monochrome and tanned skin filling our social feeds but this year was dotted with neon, rainbow, face glitter and a surprising lack of flower crowns. Quelle surprise.

Festival fans enjoyed the California sunshine in bold colours, sprinklings of rainbow and pastel hair was one of the most striking beauty trends spotted at ‘Chella this year. The multi-coloured braids, pastel wigs and rainbow tinted curls were one of our favourite beauty trends at this year’s festival. Check out some of our faves below!

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