Sun Protection? It’s About More Than Just Skin


Summer is here. It’s time for sunny getaways, boozy outdoor brunches and some outdoor adventures (if only the fortnight of relentless rain would stop). While time spent outdoors soaking up the Vitamin D and Sea is good for the soul, it’s not so good for the skin. Premature aging, pigmentation and increasing your risk of skin cancer certainly isn’t worth skipping the sun protection step in your daily skincare routine.

While the importance of protecting your skin in the sun has been widely circulated for decades (and rightly so), no one is talking about another important thing to protect:

Your Hair

Ok, we’re not talking about the old days of your mum rubbing greasy sun cream into your parting *shudder*. Hair care has seriously stepped up its game and its recognising the importance of adding in some SPF.

Why Protect Your Hair?

While one should NEVER skip skin SPF due to the harmful health implications, looking after your hair properly is a nice self care touch to add to your routine. It’s easy to throw it up in a messy bun without thinking about the impact the salty sea, chemical laden pool water and harsh sun rays are having on your strands.



The sun and the salt may lead to the beachy waves of our dreams, but at the cost of dry and frazzled hair at the end of the holiday. Little known fact: having your hair sit in the sun is actually just as damaging and drying as a chemical treatment like bleaching.

Keep Your Colour

When you think about how much time and money we spend sitting in the salon chair to achieve the perfect colour – you are way more motivated to try and keep it for as long as you can. The sun’s rays can bleach your hair, stripping away your hair colour, as seen from the old classic lemon juice highlights experiments we all did in our early teen years.

While this might not be so bad for blondes looking to get more sunkissed, us brunettes really want to keep the richness of our dark colour and need to keep those pesky copper tones from peeking through.


Split ends are a constant battle, and by going into the sun unprotected you’re basically giving breakage the upper hand. This is because the UV exposure starts to break down the protein in hair and therefore reduces the tensile strength of your hair. Not only is it going to break far easier when brushed or styled, it’s going to look seriously dull too.

Scalp Protection

It’s easy to forget about your scalp when putting on your SPF, but it’s also skin and needs protecting just as much, if not more. It’s taking the brunt of the sun exposure all day long and more often than not we’re left with an unsightly red line of sunburn. Adding in a hair care SPF will ensure safety without comprising your locks.


Our Top Picks

For all round protection all year round: Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer.

To prevent colour from fading: Klorane Sun Radiance Protective Oil.

To fight the dehydration: Davines SU Hair Mask.