Cool Interview Tips to Land your Dream Job

We all get those dreaded interview nerves in advance of meeting a potential new employer for the first time. Churning stomach and tangled words. You know the drill, you get googling the company and scour their LinkedIn and social profiles for more information on what they do, ongoing projects or new successes you can oh-so-casually drop into the conversation.

You've brushed up on standard interview questions and have rehearsed your responses in your head. You've figured out how to big up past experiences and how they can apply to the new role and you've put together a killer interview outfit to make sure you're perfectly presented on the day. On the way to the interview you've grabbed a coffee so you're nicely buzzed and ready to impress. You got this.

All of the above are good and essential ways to get ready for that interview but we've come up with a few more novel ways that can have employers tipping the scales in your favour. Take your technique to the next level with these simple tips and tricks.

Get Pumped


Like a fighter getting pumped up listening to 'Eye of the Tiger' before entering the ring, music has been shown to affect our moods. On the way to your interview, line up some tunes that inspire, motivate and uplift you. Hearing some feel-good music before you enter that boardroom can really get you in the right frame of mind for tackling those interview questions.

Wear Something Special


Ensure your interview outfit is clean, pressed and ready to go well in advance of your meeting. Knowing your look is all wrapped up can make you feel more in control and help keep you calm. Choose something special to wear like a loved piece of clothing, jewellery or your favourite shoes to complete your professional look. Adding a piece like this into your look makes you feel confident and can act as a personal lucky charm, making you feel positive about the day.

Say it Loud


It may seem obvious but speaking your answers aloud is something most applicants neglect to do. This simple tip can help your speech and conversation to flow more easily and make you feel more confident. Whether you rope in a flat mate to listen to you or prefer to chat to the bathroom mirror, as long as you're speaking aloud it'll help get you in the zone.

Move It


Reduce your levels of stress, anxiety and lift your mood before an interview with some exercise. Go for a quick walk down the street to grab some breakfast or do some crazy living room dancing at home. This will release endorphins, decrease tension levels leaving you calmer and can also improve your self esteem. Perfect for before that interview.

Get your Hair Done


Most women will agree that having their hair done at the salon is an instant confidence boost. Looking good leads to feeling good and that leads to oodles of self confidence. Banish over grown roots, ratty ends or dry frizz with a timely visit to the hairdresser and get ready to take on the world.

With these tips in mind, go forth and be cool, calm and confident in yourself. Even if you don't get the job, these tips can apply to different aspects of your life that could do with a boost. BRB, off for a spot of living room dancing.