Relationships in Trouble at Christmas

relationships at Christmas

Often a time filled with love, boozy parties, exciting engagements and gifts, the most joyful time of year is fast proving to be a relationship killer. New research aiming to get to the bottom of why so many couples call it a day over the festive period shows one major reason why your romance may be headed for stormy times. Brace yourself.

Usually people argue that relationships end at Christmas only to be reignited in the New Year because one person isn’t really up for spending money on gifts, nights out or more around Christmas when they’re not fully invested in the other person. We can reveal that (for the most part), being tight with money is not the major reason. Although, we can’t fully say that it’s not happening either! If you get dumped in December only to wake up to a text from them in January, I’d be slightly suspicious.

Christmas is a time for family and sharing fun times with ones you love and it’s often when you take the big scary plunge and introduce your new bf or gf to the fam. The stress and pressure of meeting a significant other's family and the general anxiety around the holiday period can prove to be too much for some people leading to a strain on the relationship. In a survey of 1,600 young people, over 70% admitted to being in a relationship with someone even though they felt they could 'do better' (not cool) which leads us to believe people are hanging around even though it's not something they're willing to make a go at. The pressure of facing someone else’s mother when you’re not really that bothered about being with them in the first-place leads to cutting the ties and making for the hills. Basically, it’s too much effort when you’re not in something for the long haul.

The extra time off in December means we get to relax, regroup and reconsider our life choices calmly and peacefully (with a Baileys and mince pie obvs). Having this precious space to think can open up your eyes to what’s really going on in your relationship and whether or not it’s what you really want.

Long story short, if reflecting on your current romantic situation leaves you feeling down this year, maybe it’s time to reconsider your choices and have an open conversation about what it is you’re after in a significant other. If bringing them to meet your family seems like far too much hassle, maybe it’s time to explore new choices and ring in the New Year as a singleton.

If the sparkly festive shoe is on the other foot and you’re on the receiving end this Christmas, remember that a New Year brings lots of new and exciting possibilities and you’re far better single than with a person who isn’t fully committed to you or your relationship. Take the festive season to regroup with all the Christmas treats (cocktails) and catch up with old friends instead of languishing in sadness, remember, ‘tis the season to be jolly!