Why You Can't Lose Weight

Why can't I lose weight?

We all know how hard it is to turn down that tray of delicious baked treats perched on the kitchen counter at work or to politely decline (for the fourth time) that slice of cake your mother offers. During one of my increasingly rare gym sessions recently, I remarked how busy the place had gotten since i last darkened its doors in my leggings and old pj top (no super cool, instagrammable sports gear here!).

'It's the run-up to party season!' exclaimed my enthusiastic trainer. There we have it, the addition of new sweaty bodies had everything to do with the looming terror of the perfect party dress or the party crop top as we have nowadays. I'm one of those people who constantly claim 'I just can't lose weight!' in frustration, while eating all the mashed potato or stock piling chocolate rice cakes.

First off, losing weight won't necessarily make us any happier. As women we're often taught that our value lies in our appearance and the slimmer you are, the more attractive. This is hella problematic, in all kinds of ways so before we go any further - the right weight for you is the one you're at, as long as you're happy and healthy. 

When it comes to losing weight, the odds are actually against us. I know, it's depressing. Blame your ancestors. We come from hunter-gatherers and are literally programmed to seek out food. Wherever it is. However now we don't need to search for food. Ever. Because we're lucky enough to live in a plentiful, first world society. The only seeking we have to do is for our phone chargers so we can access Just Eat on a Friday night.

Couple that with the fact we naturally overeat after a period of dieting to balance out the loss of fat mass. Thanks Mother Nature. Our bodies have been designed and shaped by evolution to survive periods of famine so those of us who find it easy to store excess energy as fat were more likely to survive and pass on those genes. Our ability to store fat kept us alive!

Now we no longer experience these same conditions, making obesity a rising problem since we're built to store and hold onto fat for dear life. While plenty of us may be unhappy with how we look and the size we wear (which are all flawed anyway if H&M is anything to go by), unless it's affecting your health, don't sweat it. As people, we are far more valuable than merely our appearance and how you look should just be for you, no one else. Be kind to yourself and if you want the donut, girl, have the bloody donut.