How to Kill it in your Career


Leanne Gannon

Leanne is editor of She & Co magazine.

Looking to shake up your career and make some serious changes in your life? Climbing the ladder and shattering that glass ceiling can seem like an insurmountable task but with a few tips and a positive attitude there are lots of things you can do to improve your work life. Whether it's our old friend impostor syndrome, a lack of self confidence or just not knowing what moves to make or challenges to tackle, plenty of us dream of succeeding without knowing how to go about it. Read on to discover how you can learn to win at life.

You Can't Control Everything

Learn to be comfortable when you're not in control because guess what, you won't always be. This doesn't mean all structure and plans fly out the window like your diet on a Friday night. It's important to realise that complete control over anything, your career included, is a total myth. Sorry to burst your bubble but nothing in life is ever secure so don't stress over it if your plans aren't taking shape or you're not at the point you thought you would be. Some things are out of our control and that's OK. Focus on the things you can control like your attitude, being proactive and improving your skills.

Be Assertive

People think being assertive is the same as being Queen Bitch, stomping over everyone in her way but no, that's not what I mean. Instead of beating around the bush, say what you mean and communicate clearly and effectively. Use direct language and get to the point. People will respect you more and it'll save you so much time by not redrafting that email to sound nicer. Call a spade, well, a spade and get on with it. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Find your Passion

You may not know where you're headed and that's OK because lots of us have no idea what we're doing and are comfortable with that. Maybe you're in a new job that you're unsure of, maybe you've changed careers totally or you're in a stop-gap job until you get that 'dream job.' Know this, just because you're good at something doesn't mean it's what should do. These days, no one chooses one career for life. Your passions and interests will change almost as often as your hair colour! Think back to your teen years, do you still listen to the same music or wear the same clothes? Not likely. Don't be afraid to explore new opportunities and passions. Sometimes we fall into roles we don't like and stay there because we think it's the only way. It's not.

Grow Girl, Grow

It may seem super cringey and I'm the first to admit I'm a terrible networker but there's serious value in it. Making connections in your industry can be a catalyst for change, growth and open doors you didn't know were there. Whether or not you have a goal or an agenda when you go to a networking event, widening your network and growing relationships is a savvy move. Who knows where it could lead? It's time to head down that rabbit hole and see what awaits.

Make it Personal

You may be super ambitious, driven and hardworking but a stellar career doesn't add up to much when you don't have anyone to share those successes with or to pick you up and dust you off when you fail. That glowing annual review won't make for a date to your cousin's wedding next summer or tag you in funny memes when times get tough. Surround yourself with supportive people, friends, family and partners. Having a great support network can really drive you onward after a tough week.

Have a PMA

No, this is not about cramps. Having a positive mental attitude and outlook will do wonders for your self belief, self worth and confidence. Want a promotion or new job? Visualise it in your mind and use positive thoughts to make it a reality. Think it sounds a bit mental? Lots of successful people swear by this technique.

You do You

Don't change who you are for a job and be true to yourself. Trust your instincts and don't be afraid to fail because you will, lots of times. Everyone fails, it's inevitable so expect it, prepare for it and embrace it. Ask for help or guidance when you need it and don't apologise for being who you are.