Pearls of Wisdom from my Mother

Most of us grow up hearing those golden nuggets of wisdom our mothers gave us. Words of care and concern hurriedly shouted at us as we rushed out the door off to live our own lives. At the ripe old age of 28, I continually find myself thinking back on all the advice, words of warning and pearls of wisdom my mother did and still continues to share. With that in mind, here are my top pieces of advice learned from the mothership. 

Always put on a bit of lipstick before you leave the house.

Unless I'm having a particularly bad hangover or 'can't-be-arsed' moment, I manage to swipe on this much at least. On those days where you're tired and rushing out the door to work it's amazing the difference some lipstick makes to your appearance and gives the effect at least that you're some way pulled together. Even if you're not. Although my mother doesn't really approve of my pale and oh-so-on-trend nude lippies, at least I'm meeting her half way.

Always separate your phone, wallet and house keys. That way if your bag goes, you won't be stranded.

I don't know if this is all mothers, or just mine, but she seemed to often worry about me being robbed while out and about. Even as I write this, I hear my mother's voice telling me to do this everytime I leave the house. Despite the fact that I usually sigh inwardly when I hear it, I have to admit it's good advice.

As long as you wear a smart coat and a nice scarf, no one will notice or care what's underneath.

This is so true it almost borders on street magic or some such witchcraft. You could be wearing a Pusheen pyjama top and no one would even notice with this trick (not that I've done this...).I still follow this rule when I plan on pottering around town by myself and just want to pull on a pair of comfy leggings and an oversized jumper (baggy knitwear for the win). Simply adding a fab coat and a printed scarf makes you instantly look polished, pulled-together and ready to take on the world. Even in Primark leggings and mismatched socks.

Go forth and slay.