Is Ambition a Bad Thing?

In a word, no. However, apparently talking about your ambition to other people can massively reduce the likelihood of you actually achieving your ambition. 

We're taught from a young age that ambition is a positive thing, women who are seen to be more ambitious and driven are looked upon with higher regard than those who aren't as open about their dreams and hopes for future achievements. 


As an ambitious woman (mostly), except on my lazier days when I'd rather scroll through Instagram than be super proactive and driven at work (We all have those days. Don't lie girl), I have lots of various career aspirations. I aspire to one day write a book, maybe become a famous drummer or high powered CEO in fabulous suits with a you-go-girl red lip. I always feel like telling those ambitions to others makes me more likely to achieve them. That is, if someone knows then I can't slack.  Also, I will learn the drums someday. 

I got a news flash courtesy of the BBC this morning. Telling others your end goal can reduce your chances of smashing it. What is this fresh Hell you ask? Articulating your ambitions can reduce motivation to push forward with them. Hearing your ambition spoken aloud and seeing another person view you as ambitious or accomplished means you feel like you've ALREADY ACHIEVED SOMETHING. The human mind is both amazing and an almighty spanner in the works.

If you feel like you've already achieved something it's very likely you'll kick back, take it easy and not push on with those ambitions. Maybe this is why I can't play the drums yet? I did after all announce it to at least 5 people after a gig at the Oh Yeah Centre in Belfast...