Things to be Happy about on a Drizzly Wednesday Morning

Hello there Wednesday!  Even though it's a grey, damp day this morning which means goodbye sleek I-spent-20-bloody-minutes-on-this hair and hello crinkled, frizzy mess, there's still lots of things I'm glad about.

1. 'Accidentally' sleeping in and missing your gym sesh. I'm OK with that. Allowing myself to hit snooze and indulge in a lil lie in means getting an extra 2 hours sleep which is AMAZING. Like most women, I'm usually filled with guilt whenever I miss the gym and start planning out an entire new wardrobe in my head as my brain starts preparing itself for the impending massive weight gain now that I've missed one itty bitty session. (DO I NEED TO THROW OUT ALL MY SKINNY JEANS NOW? No.) In general, women are so tough on themselves and demand such high standards. It's perfectly OK to take a break or slow down the pace. Feeling guilty? Not today, brain.

2. It's Wednesday and not Monday. Hella delighted by that. 

3. There are an abundance of coffee shops meaning stopping on the way to work for a few precious minutes of 'you' time as you daze into the distance listening to the sound of the milk frother while the barista makes you up a paper cup full of morning happiness. Caffeine. Oh yes. 

4. Tomorrow is Thursday. That's practically Friday in anyone's book. 

5. Toasted bagels exist and have been put on the earth to fill us with joy and necessary breadiness. All hail the warm carb.

6. Instagram motivational quotes. There's nothing to make you feel like you got this than pretty fonts saying YASS QUEEN.