You better werk. Netwerk Belfast and the Importance of helping Others

Last night in Aether and Echo on Belfast's Lower Garfield Street, Netwerk held a great event encouraging young people working in media, PR, digital (or any professional industry really) to come together and in essence, do some netwerking.

As a freelance writer, the concept of networking has become a hella big part of my life of late and I find myself attending more and more events in an effort to 'get out there' and meet people in similar industries. The difference with this event is that it followed a chilled out and rather informal structure and being based in a pub, there was a bar (win). Which helps when you're out meeting strangers and trying to learn or awkwardly make potential business connections. All of the whiskey please and thanks.

As well as giving young professionals the chance to meet others and develop opportunities, last night's event also saw four broadcasters take to the stage (bar stools) for an informal Q&A from Netwerk's committee as well as questions from the floor. 

The panel consisted of Blast 106's Shane Pearce, Cool fm's Melissa Riddell and BBC's Maria McCann and Sara Neill who each offered the attendees valuable insight and tips on breaking into the media industry in Northern Ireland. The chance to hear the stories of other professionals and learning how they broke into their careers, how they've grown and discovering how they got to a certain point in their career was so interesting and I'm sure will have inspired those in the room last night to forge onward with their own career aspirations.

There were a couple of common themes running through their tales of success; namely work hard, never give up and get your face known by those in your industry. How's that for some Insta worthy motivational quotes.

It's a rare opportunity for young professionals to hear candid advice from those who may be further along in their careers and this attitude of sharing information, getting involved and lending a helping hand to others is so important as we're all there to do the same thing, improve our careers, learn something new and have a whiskey (that might just have been me).

To get involved with Netwerk Belfast, hit them up at, Twitter or Instagram to take part in the next event in December. 


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