Five Things That Happen When You Live Between Two Houses


Tayla Powell

If you’ve spent a number of years living between two houses then you’ll know the struggle. Whether you’re in couple that’s currently in that awkward “in between” phase, where you haven’t quite decided to make the commitment of living together. Or if you WANT to move in, but are crippled by the rising cost of living and bad spending habits. We get it.

Regardless of your circumstances, you’re sure to relate to these five things that happen when you live between two houses …

1. You Look like a Backpacker All the Time

I’ve traded in my handbag for a backpack. I’m basically always carrying said backpack. Everywhere. I take it to the office. Meetings. Uni. Appointments. I’ve even taken a suitcase to uni and to a job interview.

It’s a pain to carry and my shoulders are chronically sore, but you have to be prepared for anything with life on the move.


2. You Can Forget About Looking Nice

Curating a series of fashionable outfits just isn’t an option anymore. You have to make sure everything fits in one bag and mixes and matches. Things get kept plain and simple and experimentation gets thrown out the window when you’re having to pick out those reliable safe outfits in a rush.

Picking a pair of shoes is also a big commitment because it’s going to be the only shoes you’ll be wearing for the next few days. Lord knows an extra pair is never going to fit in my bag unless I start carrying a traveller’s backpack.

An unplanned night out – forget about it. Last minute plans are almost impossible when you’re only armed with a pair of leggings and sweatshirts for your pre-planned casual events. Spontaneity, I miss you.


3. You’re Forced into Having A Good Memory

Forgetting something is a big deal. Especially when a simple slip of the mind, like forgetting your work uniform, costs you a two hour round trip on the train. Or getting a rare lift to your house to pick up clothes and subsequently getting stuck in severe traffic for three hours, on the hottest day of the year. Been there, done that. And I’ve never been offered a lift since.

But you learn from those rookie mistakes and now you’re now armed with a mental checklist of all your daily essentials, ready to tick off whenever you’re rushing to pack.



4. Packing for Holidays is Way Less Stressful

I have become a master at packing quickly and checking off the essentials in my head. It’s gets easier to ensure all your outfit picks mix and match with each other. Plus, all my toiletries are already housed in travel bottles and my product lineup is streamlined for ultimate portability. On the flip side, the process is far less exciting than it used to be when you do it multiple times a week. I used to get excited about making packing lists, now I’m just so over it.


5. It’s Weird to Think About Living in One Place

As much as we want to have one home base, so life can slow down a bit, the idea of it is really odd to think about. Would you get bored of one house? Will you miss the fun side of moving around?



As annoying as living between two houses may be, I know there will come a day when I miss it. Backpack and all.

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