How to have a Healthier Relationship with Instagram

Tayla Powell

I think you’ll all agree, we can have a love hate relationship with social media. A place filled with inspiration, like-minded people and creativity. But it’s also filled with deception, comparison and negative emotions too. While some have the willpower to go cold turkey and ditch the social media for good, I for one would miss all the good parts of it too much.

How Do I Have a Healthier Relationship with Instagram?

Curate your Social Media Feeds

We’re going to Marie Kondo our feeds. If a person’s content doesn’t spark joy then its got to go. Maybe it’s just not your style anymore, old friends you don’t talk to or else it just triggers straight up negative thoughts. As soon as you feel any unhelpful comparisons going through your head, remove it from your feed immediately. You are only feeding your insecurities by leaving it there. I for one edited my feed so I can choose when I see those beautiful models posing for makeup artists. I seek it out when I’m looking for inspiration rather than being bombarded with beautiful glowy girls during a moment when I’m not feeling my best. That way I don’t close my app and beat myself up about not being as tanned/glowy/smooth skinned.

Get Involved in Instagram Communities

Last year Olivia from @WhatOliviaDid set up The Insecure Girls Club and I couldn’t think of a more perfect space on Instagram. It’s so needed to cut through the fakeness you often see online that triggers comparisons. It’s open, real and just plain old comforting when you’re feeling “not good enough”. It encourages women to own their vulnerabilities and empower themselves by wearing their insecurities on their sleeve. Seeing such honest content on your feed every morning gets you in that positive mindset for the day. And don’t worry, in true Instagram style, it’s also beautiful to look at with its wash of retro colour palette. There’s plenty of inspiring women sharing their experiences that you can connect with. It’s a dreamy space for modern women.

Follow People Who Keep it Real on Instagram

I have a number of people I follow on Insta that are in fashion blogging - but also like to show off the hidden sides of their “glamorous life”. Like sharing the 1000 outtakes taken just for that one perfect shot or what they do when they aren’t behind the camera. Spoiler - they’re regular people just like us. That’s why I can’t recommend bloggers like @rianne.meijer enough. She keeps in seriously real by sharing all of the realest outtakes on her Instagram. Double chins and all. Her healthy dose of humour is the perfect reminder that it’s sometimes all about the 1/100 chance of the right lighting and angle, combined with multiple filters.