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Why Treating Self Care like an Appointment is the Way Forward

How many of us are STILL not making the time and effort to implement a little more “me time” into our routine? I’m willing to bet not many. We tell ourselves we’ll squeeze it in when everything else is done or when everyone else is catered for. But, let’s be honest, by the time the end of the day rolls around, we’re way too tired and old habits die hard. There’s a way around it though …

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Five Things That Happen When You Live Between Two Houses

If you’ve spent a number of years living between two houses then you’ll know the struggle. Whether you’re in couple that’s currently in that awkward “in between” phase, where you haven’t quite decided to make the commitment of living together. Or if you WANT to move in, but are crippled by the rising cost of living and bad spending habits. We get it.

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