Full Wardrobe with Nothing to Wear?

Leanne Gannon

Leanne is editor of She & Co Magazine.


I've lost count of the amount of times I stare into my overstuffed wardrobe and still despair at having 'nothing to wear' as I toss items of clothing over my shoulder in search for an outfit that I'm happy to wear. I'm in no way alone in this scenario. These days we shop so much with fast fashion and cheap clothing only a few taps away from a handy little app on our phones. Personally, I had never given all that much thought to where those items of clothing from or how retailers can afford to create pieces at such a low price point. It has to be said that when a commodity like fashion can be sold so cheaply that somewhere along the chain of production, someone is getting a raw deal.

Recently, a group of graduates, students and entrepreneurs based in Dublin have been taking steps to raise the awareness of sustainable fashion and reducing wastage while still allowing women to enjoy fashion. We all like to look good and love the feel of wearing a killer new outfit, but what if it didn't actually have to be new? The Nu. Wardrobe is an online platform newly launched in Ireland that allows women to borrow clothes for a set amount of time from other women. It gives fashion fans the chance to get a new outfit for a night out for just €5 and is available both North and South of the border.

You sign up, agree to the terms and conditions and you're able to browse the online wardrobe of other Nu. users until you find something perfect for you. Search by dress size, colour or more and agree a length of borrow time with the owner and you're ready to go! This innovative idea sprung out of physical pop-up swap shop events the Nu. team held across Dublin that proved popular. It offers the newness and excitement of a constantly changing wardrobe without the environmental impact that mass produced fast fashion can result in.

If you're interested in signing up, browsing some fashion or attending events, you can find Nu. here.