The Power of Vintage Fashion

Cristina Florescu

Cristina is a bookworm, feminist, film junkie and foodie who likes to write about all of the above.

With some of the world's most stylish celebrities like Alexa Chung, Chloe Sevigny and more known for their love of vintage finds, there's more than one reason to rethink our shopping habits. Nowadays we buy clothes like we buy our groceries; we go to the shop once a week, wear a piece for about a month and then throw it away or shove it into the back of our already bulging wardrobes. Besides the environmental and human rights implications of fast fashion, which are well known and publicized, there are other reasons that make this throwaway attitude towards clothing problematic and unsustainable; and that reason is purely financial. Buying clothes to wear for one season before they go out of fashion or fall apart due to poor manufacturing methods doesn't make any sense on a financial level. Not many of us have wads of cash to burn. With thoughts of sustainability and affordability in mind, I have slowly grown to love the vintage fashion movement and here are the reasons why you will too.

The Pieces are Unique

When you shop vintage, you're always guaranteed you're the only one you'll see wearing it. #winning. Each vintage piece is unique in its own way, regardless of the decade it came from. Enjoy the benefits of wearing pieces that were created to last and will stand the test of time, as long as you look after them and show them the love they deserve. This will not only give you a style that stands out, but also the advantage of not seeing 10 other people with the same top when you walk down the street. Bonus for the fact that searching vintage markets, charity shops and online for those pieces will become a thrill in itself. You can find lots of pre-loved and vintage designer pieces lurking around the web these days. Check out places like Vestiaire Collective or do a quick google for dozens more options.

They're Designed to Last  

These days we almost expect our fast fashion purchases to wear out quickly and think nothing of a seam that opens or a knit that snags or dyes that come off on your skin. Sure, it's annoying but there's plenty more where that came from, right? This endless cycle of shoddy fast fashion can be reversed with some investment in vintage pieces that are in good condition. Clothes used to be made to last. The fact that these clothes have been preserved in good condition for years is a testament to their quality. Sure, you might need to fix a button or a seam here and there, and you will have to be careful how you wash them, but it will be worth it! The quality of the fabric, the handmade work that went into their creation, and the gorgeous details make vintage clothing a quality alternative to fast fashion.

They're Versatile

Think vintage fashion is difficult and reserved only for the uber stylish celebs? Think again. Putting together a modern look with some beautiful vintage pieces is easy and an incredibly versatile way to make a look your own. Vintage styles from different periods in time can be easily worked into a more modern look. These are patterns and styles that have repeatedly come back into fashion and some, like the little black dress, have become wardrobe essentials. And the best part is you're are not limited to a decade and can combine the styles of different eras into a unique and amazing outfit. Who says one piece of 50s nostalgia means you have to go head-to-toe rockabilly? What’s more the hunting, thrifting and the quality means that not only will you have fewer pieces in your wardrobe, but better pieces that are worth treasuring. You’ll begin to think twice before throwing away a unique blazer from the 80s or a leather bag from the 40s, so you’ll get more out of every piece as well.