Fast fashion and why I'm a money waster

Earlier this week I came across an article while scrolling through my Facebook feed. As a sucker for click bait, I inevitably clicked (yet again) on something that I knew immediately would depress me. It was about how much people should be saving to have a decent standard of living once they retire. The number was distressing to say the least. 

Now, I have a pension. Only as of this year because I never got around to setting one up until my work did it for me. There's lots of things I haven't managed to get around to yet like learning to drive, becoming fluent in French or writing the book my mother keeps asking me to write.

Seeing a cold, hard number on my little phone screen while sitting on the train home from work was a little bit of a kick up the ass. It made me wonder why I hadn't already amassed a whole bunch of savings, squirreled away in a room like Scrooge McDuck.

The answer is clear, I love to spend on fashion. Well, not just fashion. Jewellery, ALL THE SHOES, my monthly root touch-up and blow dry as well as my gym membership and that's before I get to all the important stuff like rent. The proliferation of fast fashion chains like Zara make it oh-so-easy to click and get a whole new outfit sent to my desk within 3 days, for a very low cost.

Picking up a skirt for less than ten pounds to me feels almost FREE and therefore it'd be silly not to order it (and a fifteen pound top to go with it). All this 'oh just one dress here, it's on sale!' and 'I don't have any shoes in this colour' (I definitely do), means that I'm continually wasting money on things that I can live without and don't really need. I know I'm not alone in this either.

As much as I love fast fashion, it's my downfall. Seeing lots of lovely new styles pop up on my screen or appear in my inbox brings out a little want monster in me that can only be quelled with an add to cart. I'm a fashion marketers dream as I'll always open a sale email for a quick gawk to try and snag myself a bargain.

As of August, I'm making it a goal to not purchase anything unnecessary. Unless of course I spot something I can't live without. I'll let you know how that goes....