Halloween Guide for the Broke and Lazy

By Tayla Powell

By Tayla Powell

You’ve watched all the intricate tutorials online. You start with the best of intentions for homemade costumes. You’re setting yourself up for hours of getting ready for this year’s Halloween party ... and then you have to work that night. Or you just simply couldn’t be bothered.

What do you do if you’re short of time, broke, or simply just lazy?

Fake Blood is Your Friend

If you don’t even have time to change your clothes before running out or you don’t want to buy a costume - fake blood has you covered. Dribble it down your face, out your eyes, across your neck. Pair them up with on stick on wounds if you don’t have the time for liquid latex. It may not look like SFX makeup but hopefully people won’t catch on that you did it in the back of your badly lit taxi in 5 minutes.

Store Some Creepy Contacts in Your Bag

Pop in some all white contacts or something equally as unsettling and you’re good to go. Sure people might question your effort levels with this one BUT it’s better than nothing. This one is particularly perfect if you’re rushing in from work and you have a uniform. “What are you?” “A dead nurse/secretary/retail worker (we’re all dead on the inside anyway).”

Go Vintage


Have you ever seen those old Halloween photos from the last century? You may expect the above picture to be from the early 1900’s - it’s actually me in 1999. I had to share as it’s the perfect example of how something as simple as a poorly made costume can scar people for life.

Those old costumes from yesteryear are perfect for inspiration. They are DIY, thrifty and utterly terrifying. Anyone can buy a creepy latex mask online and stick it on, but those vintage homemade masks are truly sinister.

I find the worst one to be the dirty sacks with four holes cut out, pulled over the face and tied around the neck. One even had a messy wig stuck to the top - so simple yet horrifying when paired with a dirty matching sack outfit. No skill needed, the messier the better. It’s definitely a quick and easy one to pull together and perfect if you’re pinching pennies.

Go All Out Before You Go to Work

Now this one is for those who are feeling particularly IDGAF in the morning. Get up a bit earlier and get all the makeup on before you head to work. Prepare for many stares on your commute. I still count my lucky stars that I wasn’t working last Halloween where we had a Cruella Deville and her Dalmatians theme. The thought of having to go to uni before work and catch the bus dressed as a Dalmatian was just too much for me. But if you’re very dedicated to the holiday or you have a best dressed competition title on the line, then you’ll need to ensure you arrive looking the part.

Whether you’re last minute or planning costumes months in advance, no matter how you tackle Halloween, it’s all about having fun at the end of the day.


Tayla Powell