Autumn Winter Accessories you'll Want to Buy

By Tayla Powell

By Tayla Powell

In a fast fashion world where we constantly feel tempted (and almost forced) into keeping up with the Jones’s, it can be hard to stay trendy AND on budget. The answer? Accessories.

It’s just knowing which ones to pick. Keep reading to see the top trends that were seen all over the runways and have trickled into our beloved high street shops. They are quite the mixed bag this year so there’s something for everyone.


The Higher the Flatform, the Closer to God?

Children and teens of the 90s can rejoice, another nostalgic piece is coming back in fashion. The chunky, sporty flatform trainer has been spotted all over the runway and they’ve been spotted in almost every high street store too. The 90s sportswear trend is continuing from last year and just as big. Perfect for fashionistas who love to mix style with comfort. I guess I’ll be digging my podiatrist recommended running shoes out of hiding and wearing them with pride this season. Who would’ve thought?

Whether you love or hate the “ugly” chunky shoe, you’ll be sure to see them everywhere this Autumn/Winter.

Try throwing on your current running shoes with black jeans, a black hoodie and a smart coat for a cool and comfy street style look.



Look like an Extra from Saved by the Bell

Another throwback trend that’s making its way into our collections this year, earrings are going big. 80s style. Think lots of chandeliers and geometric shapes. It’s easy to be scared off by 80s inspired pieces, it was a decade of some questionable fashion choices after all. But these are a subtly retro nod to the past when paired with an understated outfit.

Just ditch the shoulder pads, perms and blue eyeliner. They definitely deserve to remain buried in the past.

See what’s lurking around in other people’s jewellery boxes for some authentic 80s gems, you’d be amazed what some people hold onto.




“Yes, it’s supposed to look like that”. “No, I didn’t forget to change my earrings”.

Continuing from the earrings theme, asymmetric earrings are set to be big this year. It was seen a lot on the runway earlier this year and there’s a big selection of mismatched and asymmetric earring sets in stores.

Mix and match with what you already own. Try using one of last year’s party earrings paired with a simpler stud for a thrifty, yet striking, look.



Commitment issues?

We’ve seen from our AW18 Fashion Trend Report that animal print and checks are huge this season. Play with print on a smaller scale by experimenting with accessories.

I’m a huge advocate of scarves, with an ever-growing personal collection. They are practical because I’m ALWAYS cold (will my southern hemisphere body ever adjust to Ireland?) but they also add some fun to my “play it safe” plain coats.

Animal print bags and shoes are also non-committal way to inject a trend, especially if you’re not confident enough to rock a full-on fur coat.

Don’t what to invest in a trendy check coat? Drape a chunky check print scarf over your plain coat to add a heritage, Winsor Castle, vibe.



Every year there’s a new “it” boot and cowboy boots have been named as the must have boot for this winter.

A stylish take on bum bags, with the new classy shapes and on trend animal print, have been popping up as a quirky hands-free bag alternative.

Chain strap bags are having a revival this year, but they are a classic style that will remain timeless in your collection if you’re looking to invest.


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