Belfast’s Latest Fashion Campaign is Streets Ahead

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CastleCourt’s ‘We Are These Streets’ Fashion Campaign

Everyone in the city of Belfast can feel how it’s changing and evolving, with more cultural diversity and local talent than ever before. CastleCourt’s latest fashion campaign ‘We Are These Streets’ is a bold one, championing both street style and embracing our local talent and culture. In fact you may have already seen it throughout the city on billboards and on social media as the campaign is now live.

In keeping with the deeper meaning of the campaign, it celebrates  local models of all ethnicities and walks of life, including 9 and 6-year-old brother and sister duo from Andersontown, 20-year-old Jamal Dupree from Belfast and 28-year-old Palmira Rendilheiro, originally a native of South Africa who relocated to Belfast. The unique line up of models brings the bold coloured and patterned clothes to life perfectly.


Belfast itself is becoming a fashion led city, with plenty of examples of bold individual styles to be found on our streets. As one of the Belfast’s leading shopping destinations, CastleCourt celebrates our local style with the ‘We Are These Streets’ campaign as well as highlighting the wide variety of fashion offerings that can be found under their roof. Fifteen of the fashion brands will be showcased, including one of the newer 2019 international label additions, VILA.

Of course all the creatives used are local talents, from the fashion photography, fashion styling, videography and beauty. James Russell, a Belfast native that found huge success, led the fashion styling on his project. He commented, “As a Northern Ireland native, I grew up admiring that minority who dared to be different in their individual style. Their fearlessness and creativity inspired my love of fashion and particularly my love of street-style. 

“It was incredibly special to harness and recreate that unique local look with CastleCourt’s impressive retail mix. I’m really proud of what we achieved collectively and what We Are These Streets campaign represents and I hope that along with adding more colour to Belfast’s streets, it also captures the hearts of visiting and local shoppers this summer.” 



Bold style. Colour. Fashion. Individualism. Inclusivity. Diversity. Local talent.

This is most definitely a campaign that we can get behind here at She & Co HQ.



For more information on CastleCourt’s current offering visit or @castlecourtbelfast on social media.