Cut the Pain! Tips for Wearing High Heels

Like most women, I adore the look of a high heel, known for their body-slimming and leg lengthening properties. Sleek and elegant, there's no denying how fabulous they are. 78% of women admit to wearing heels daily despite the burning pain that begins to rear its head after a mere 1 hour and 6 minutes of heel wearing. The effects of long term heel wearing can result in the stiffening and shortening of the Achilles tendon and prolonged use of those fabulous stilettos can increase the changes in length that a muscle goes through when you walk. Eek.

Nevertheless, we still continue our love affair with high heels and armed with these tips you can make sure wearing heels is a bit more comfortable.

Buy the Right Size


OK, this one may seem quite obvious but it's actually surprising! Apparently, your shoe size can change from year to year by as much as a whole size. Particularly after pregnancy. Mind blown. So if those fabulous pair of shoes you bought for last year's Christmas party are either feeling too snug now or if they need a layer of spongy insole to pad them out, this could be the culprit. To be sure you're shelling out that hard earned cash on the right pair, get your feet measured for both width and length. Who knew?

Wear Thicker Heels


Stilettos may look fabulous, but girl they're not your friend. Tottering around on those narrow spindly heels causes your feet to wobble, making you even more uncomfortable from the lack of support. Sometimes you just need to put on those glamorous stilettos when the outfit calls for it. Swap them out for a chunkier heel that offers more support whenever you can. Bonus points for block heels being on-trend right now.

Pick a Platform


Platform shoes are having a bit of a moment right now thanks to their cool, retro vibe. Plumping for a platform sole, particularly ones that are more rubbery will absorb the pressure and soften the pain in the soles of your feet. Choosing a platform heel can definitely make those party nights more bearable. 

Get some Gel Inserts


All through my university years at the height of my stiletto phase, I was a massive fan of those little gel or silicone inserts you can buy in any chemist. These little rubbery delights can reduce the pressure on the ball of your foot, making heels more comfortable.

Tape your Toes


No, seriously. Tape your third and fourth toes together with a flesh hued bandage or some nude surgical tape. Apparently this insider secret is used and loved by celebrities on the red carpet to help them cope with towering designer heels. It's all to do with the nerves in your feet and taping those two toes will alleviate the pressure on those nerves when wearing heels.