Happy Death Day! Frat Parties, Masked Murderers and More

Last week, team She & Co were lucky enough to be invited for a preview screening of Universal Ireland's horror flick Happy Death Day at the Movie House Cinema in Belfast.

Playing up to the millennial fascination with collegiate Americana, this screening had a frat party beforehand to really amp up the feeling of being in a US university. Red school spirit bunting, ubiquitous red plastic party cups filled with foaming beer and slices of pizza were all in abundance as well as creepy serial killer masks from the movie and lots of other fun props to have a play around with and take photos. 

Happy Death Day is a mash-up between the 1993 movie Groundhog Day and cult 90s horror Scream. Released to a great reception in the US on Friday the 13th (natch), the film never shies away from its roots and similarities to the Bill Murray classic. In a cinematic time where Hollywood is in a reboot frenzy, churning out action flick after action flick with little thought for female audiences, it's refreshing to see a film that is not a reboot of an 80s film and appeals more to women.

The film itself fit in perfectly with my memory of university films from the mid 2000s with its trope of pretty (and skinny) sorority girls, bitchy banter, backstabbing and raucous frat parties. A scenario all too different from my own university experience of munching sausage rolls in a campus café while hungover in leggings and a hoody thinking that they were successfully hiding my fresher 15. News flash, they weren't.

This film completely plays on the stereotypes of the American university and I absolutely love it. There's something incredibly fabulous about this stereotypical version of the US uni experience that takes me back to my teen years of Mean Girls, American Pie and a myriad other teenage movies. You just don't get as many good American university movies anymore.

I'm going to try and stay away from spoilers in this but if you're a tad squeamish or not a fan of slashers then rest assured, there's some gore in this flick but by and large there are more jumpy moments and loud noises than bloody ones and the style airs more on the comedic side than the terrifying. The story revolves around (in typical movie fashion) a beautiful blonde with dozens of male admirers and a penchant for the party lifestyle.

Similar to the Bill Murray classic Groundhog Day, our heroine is forced to relive her birthday again and again, each night being murdered by a masked killer only to wake up on the morning of her birthday yet again in the dorm room of the uncool yet very attractive (standard movie style) man, who she enlists to help discover her killer's identity in order to break the endless circle of her death day. With twists, turns, this movie is one to enjoy this Halloween with a bunch of friends, some cinema popcorn and a few giggles.

Check out the trailer below!