Why caring for Yourself isn't Selfish

Sarah Fargher

Mum of two, business owner, lover, daughter, friend, reiki master and crystal healer. Currently a size 12.


Self care isn’t selfish. In today's hectic world where the average woman is challenged to be the perfect employee, wife, lover, girlfriend, mother, friend, daughter and size, no mean feat for even the most dynamic person, it leaves little time for self care.

The analogy of ‘thy cup overfloweth’ feels significant, where in order to give the best of ourselves to others we must first be the best version of ourselves, nurturing and caring for our physical and mental health.

TV presenter Tess Daly recently described women as warriors, we are the glue that sticks family life together, making sure lunch boxes are packed, fridges are filled, adding to the household  financial contributions while climbing the ranks and maintaining position in the ever demanding work place.

Women have the beautiful capacity to put the need of others first, highlighting that women need to look on at fellow women as supporters without judgement. We all know that the reality of life behind a closer door is very different from the Insta-worthy projection we work hard to maintain for social media and the approval of others.

Listen to your body, when you’re tired, rest, relax.

Create a home that is a calming sanctuary, safe from the pressure of the outside world, leaving work at the door.

Embrace the Scandinavian concept of Hygge; candles, soul warming quality home-cooked food, eating seasonally, in balance to promote a healthy source of fuel for your body.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel good, love your family and choose your peers.

Slip in between linen fresh sheets in a clutter free room and breathe deep, with a grateful heart for we are blessed and loved.