Belfast Cocktail Week: The Line Up

There's nothing more glamorous than sipping on a beautifully made cocktail presented in a stylish glass in one of Belfast's most sophisticated bars. Once seen as a treat to indulge in every now and then, nowadays cocktails are a regular feature on every night out in major cities with wonderful new twists on classic combinations and exciting new spots popping up all the time.

Long gone are the pre-made concoctions of our student days, replaced by fresh fruit, perfectly muddled mint leaves, sugared rims and delicately shaved ice. Here at She & Co, we're no strangers to a Mojito, Long Island Ice Tea or the classic Cosmopolitan if we're feeling particularly NYC on a night out. That's why we're so excited about the upcoming Belfast Cocktail Week which will see a line-up of fantastic events taking place in bars across the city. A week full of incredible cocktails right on our own doorstep? What's not to love.

Starting on October 16th and running until October 22nd, Belfast Cocktail Week will give the cocktail lovers of Northern Ireland the chance to experience the mixology industry's most exciting and influential names as they take over some of our very own Saturday night hot spots around the city. 

Starting at The Merchant on Monday the 16th, you'll get the chance to experience life at top London bar Swift as they take over the hotel's beloved cocktail bar for a full week. Make sure you check this one out while you can and expect ground-breaking cocktails, infamous Irish coffees and next level hospitality.

Other events include the Prohibition Night with Jack Daniels at Bootleggers on Oct 18th for a true taste of 1920s style and a whiskey masterclass at Sixty6 on the 19th at 1pm.

Check out what's going down for Belfast Cocktail Week at The National and Sixty6, The Merchant, Muriels, The Spaniard, Bootleggers and Bullitt. See the full line-up and make sure you add this event to your calendar this October!

Belfast Cocktail Week
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