Our Favourite Socks for Christmas

Untitled design (11).jpg

As much as most of us love to celebrate the festive time of year, it's not always the most appropriate to rock up in an all-singing-all-dancing Christmas jumper complete with glitter and fairy lights. If you're searching for a way that's more subtle but still fun and comfy to show your festive spirit, then reach for a pair of Christmas socks.

Once seen as a bit tragic; festive designs, Christmas jumpers and other seasonal styles have had a rebirth over the last few years, with plenty of us reaching for the tinsel for more than just our annual foray into the 12 pubs. Never the less, sometimes (particularly at the office) wrapping up in the snugly confines of a reindeer is jumper is not the best idea when you have to do a presentation or meet clients, but who says you can't work some festive feet under those tailored trousers?

Check out our favourite styles of Christmas socks to add some fun to your everyday look (or lazy pyjama day, no judgement here).