Five Sustainability Swaps for Busy Working Women


Sustainability is on everyone’s mind - and rightly so. Many illuminating documentaries have been released recently and opened up many people’s eyes. She & Co HQ were hooked on “Our Planet” and the big message it was putting out.

But what can we each realistically do save our planet?

Turns out – lots!

And it doesn’t even cost that much of your money or time. The key lies in the extra effort you’re willing to go to on a daily basis. While we aren’t going to be able to single handedly change the world overnight, the small things really add up. A modern working woman is typically crunched for time, believe me we get it. We’ve made sure these solutions are really easy and quick to implement into your routine.

Reusable coffee cups


This one is not exactly anything new or ground breaking. But, it’s such a simple lifestyle swap and the variety and choice of cups on the market has skyrocketed in recent years. 

2.5 billion coffee cups are used and thrown away each year in the UK - enough to stretch around the world roughly five and a half times. But only 0.25% of them are recycled.

Goes to show how just owning one reusable cup each could make a serious impact. Especially considering the amount we rack up on our daily morning coffee runs.

We’re personally in love with the Stojo reusable coffee cups. Why? Look how scandi chic the design is. It would definitely be a welcome addition to your office desk. And, it’s collapsible so it doesn’t take up valuable room in your bag once you’ve finished your morning latte. 

Cutlery set


Lunch breaks. Don’t you always find yourself grabbing quick food on the go? But think of all the plastic cutlery waste. 

By keeping a little cutlery kit in your bag, you’re always prepared for those unplanned meals out. We love the bamboo options for a real eco warrior vibe, but there are great stainless steel options out there too. 

Top tip: while the pretty eco options are super cute, they can be $$$. Check out an outdoor store for camping utensil multi-tools. They’re often way cheaper AND more compact. No excuses then - even when you’re packing light!

Metal Straws


Iced latte season is here. And we’re all here for it. But we’re not all here for the extra waste they produce.

Plastic straws just add to the ocean crisis and nobody likes a soggy paper straw. Ditch the in store options and bring your own.

(Extra eco points go to those who refuse the plastic lid on their paper cup. The small things really add up).

A stainless steel straw added in to your cutlery kit is just what you need to see you through the morning coffee run right up to those post work cocktails on Friday nights.

Reusable bags


We’re well used to that late night post office grocery run. The one you’re not usually prepared for and you end up caving, splashing out 5p and using plastic bags. 

Imagine what a difference it could make if you have a stash of shoppers in your bag (and actually remember to put them back after you use them!)

Brands like Baggu have made sure to reinvent the sustainable shopper into more of a fashion statement and less like something your granny would carry. 


Reusable cotton pads


No need to switch up your beloved beauty routine to make it more eco friendly. These little pads will become your best friend as they exfoliate, apply toner and remove stubborn mascara at the end of the day.

Honestly, we reckon you’ll like them even better than the cotton wool versions. They keep their shape and the variety of patterns and colours is definitely better than just plain old white.

Pop them in the washing machine on laundry day and that’s them all clean. Literally no extra effort and all the benefits of zero waste. We’re sold.

If we all take a tiny bit of time to make the extra effort, we can do BIG things. Here’s to a healthier planet. We’ve got an article on ethical fashion if you’re eager to learn more.